Dashboard of the user interface of FORMCYCLE in version 7.

Depending on the system configuration, user permission and license not all options are available on this page.

Top bar

In the top bar there are buttons on the right side for displaying past messages ,logging out and accessing the user menu.

Top bar with visible user menu

Log out button and user menu

The user menu opens up while hovering over the log out button with the cursor. Inside the menu the name of the current user and client is displayed. Clicking the user name will open the user settings. The super administrator of systems with multiple clients can switch between clients and system settings by clicking the client name.

Opened list of past messages of this session

Displaying past messages

Clicking the button shows a list of past messages of this session.

Main menu

On the right hand side of the screen users can find the main menu which used for accessing all settings, properties and functionalities of FORMCYCLE. Clicking a menu entry opens up the corresponding page. A detailed description of all the pages can be found on the individual help pages.

Main navigation

Feedback und help

In the bottom left corner of the screen users can find the help menu. It is used for accessing this Wiki and the FAQ as well as for sending feedback to the FORMCYCLE team and getting support.