CSS classes

Selecting CSS Classes.

7.0.11+  This property lets you select one or many CSS classes for an element. You can enter any class name you want, and you do not have do include a dot at the beginning (an initial dot is supported for backwards compatibility). In addition, classes defined in CSS files are suggested as autocomplete suggestions. You can add classes to the form element itself, and you can also add classes to the div container of the form element.

CSS classes on the input element are added directly to the HTML input element. This is the same behavior as in previous versions when you added CSS classes to an element.

CSS classes configured for the container, on the other hand, are added to the HTML container element which contains the input element. This is a new feature introduced in 7.0.13. It makes it possible, for example, to style the label of a form element, which is located in the same container as the input element.

Until 7.0.10+ : The available CSS classes are read from the CSS in the CSS tab and from the selected CSS theme. When you select or deselect a class, the changes are applied immediately and any layout or design changes are visible in the form. You can also filter the available classes by using the filter at the end of the list.