Date and time

Configuration interface of the event date and time.

This event occurs when a user-defined fixed or calculated time occurs.


Run in state
The event occurs after a status change to one of the selected statuses. If no status is selected, the event occurs after any status change.
Fire immeditately when time point lies in the past
If this option is enabled, this event will be triggered immediately when the user-defined time point is already in the past.

Execution time

Fixed date and time
Fire date and time
Definition of the date, as well as the time at which the event should be triggered.
Time zone
Selectable time zone to set a time in another time zone. Default is the time zone set for the server.
Computed date and time
Date and time
Input of a placeholder, which contains e.g. an input field of the data type Date.
Date and time format
Format in which the time is to be represented.
Variable for the calculation of the time
sign can be plus and minus, to form a sum or difference at the specified time.
number for calculation. The use of variables is possible.
unit of time in which the calculation takes place.

System variables

Events of type Date and time provide Systemvariables which can be used in subsequent actions.

Default variables

Can be used in the new workflow to access the data provided by the current event. This data will be returned as JSON. The individual values of the event can be accessed via JsonPath (see [%$TRIGGER.<JSON_PATH>%]).
Depending on the type of event, different information is provided via the event variables. Specific information of the event can be accessed via JsonPath. Which information the different event types provide can be seen via the infobox at the event.