Error message templates

These error messages are available in each client under the main navigation point "Files & Templates > HTML".

There are several errors that may occur when a user submit a form. You can view or edit the corresponding error message in the Html template menu.
Template name for the error messageDescription
Allgemeiner Fehler / General ErrorGeneral error when no more specific message exists.
Anmeldung erforderlich / Authorization required The form is protected and available only to certain user groups. Check whether the current user belongs to the user group. Change or review the user groups in the access settings.
Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen / Authentication failedThe form is protected and the login failed. (Not used currently.)
Autorisierung fehlgeschalgen / Authorization failedThe form is protected and available only to certain user groups. The current user does not belongs to the user group.
BOT erkannt / BOT detectedA bot has been detected.
Datei Upload Größe überschritten / File upload size exceededThis error occurs when form upload elements exceed the maximum file size.
Datensatz nicht gefunden / Data not foundNo data could be found for the specified identifier. This may occur when uploaded attachments are not found or were deleted.
Double-Opt-In Überprüfung fehlgeschlagen / Double opt-in verification failedAn error occured while trying to verify the Double opt-in by accessing the verification link. This can happen if the confirmation has already been made earlier, or the link is no longer valid.
Fehler bei Einmalabsendung / One time submission errorThe form uses a one-time submission ID for avoiding duplicate data sets and a submitted form with the given ID already exists.
Ressource nicht gefunden / Resource not foundThe form could not be found. This may occur, for example, when the form was deleted.
Ressource offline / Resource offlineThe form has not been made available.
Senden fehlgeschlagen / Sending failedThe form could not be submitted, for example when an error occurred during a workflow action.
Ungültige Formulardaten / Invalid DataInvalid data was submitted, such as an incorrect mail address.
Ungültiger Doppel-POST / Invalid double POSTThe user can click on the submit button only once. Reload the form to submit it again.
Ungültiger Request / Bad RequestInvalid request, including invalid attachments, non-existing form versions, or attempts to access protected servlets.