In this section you will find various examples of different topics.

All examples can also be viewed directly on the FORMCYCLE demo platform.

- Demo platform url: https://demo7.formcycle.eu/formcycle
- Loginname: demo@demo
- Password: pa55w0rd@demo

The following is a list of the existing demo forms on the demo server:


Form examples for calculation element (in Form store available)
Examples of subtraction, summation and string concatenation


Example for using a counter
It will be demonstrated how to display the actual count, lock appointments that are fully booked and use the counter in the workflow

Data sources and database queries

Automcomplete functions - application possibilities
Examples for using autocomplete with source CSV or a database.
Filter a selection by value
Enables parameterized database queries to filter selection
Prefilling data from a source
Assign data from a data source to fields in the form
Transfer select column data (in Form store available)
Demo to transfer the value of any column of a data source to another field
Database query (in Form store available)
Demo for reading data from a database with a fixed parameter.
LDAP query via selection field and autocomplete
Fill the selection field with values from an LDAP query and request LDAP data using Autocomplete.

Date and time

Calendar functions (in Form store available)
Demo for possible functions for configuration of the calendar widget
Date and time initialization (in Form store available)
As soon as the form is opened, will be initial assigned the date and time value
Date difference in days (in Form store available)
Get difference in days from datepicker
Date ranges and validation (in Form store available)
Comparing Dates and manipulate the datepicker
Formatting birthday field (in Form store available)
Configuration of the datepicker widget
Calculation age (in Form store available)
Example to calculate the current age by entering a date.
Time difference
Calculate the difference between two times
Time validation
Comparing time values


Preassignment appointments
Demo how you can pre-assign a date to a appointment in a form.


Change position of text
Demonstration of manipulation text postion
Change the loading symbol
Change the icon that is to be displayed when the form is called up
Customize repeating elements
Use your own custom buttons for repeating elements
Numbering repeatable elements using CSS
Display a consecutive number for dynamic elements using CSS
Numbering repeatable elements using JavaScript
Display a consecutive number for dynamic elements using JavaScript
Using own fonts in the form
Integrate and use your own font via CSS


Copy input values
Copy an entered value of a field into a corresponding field (also into fields on the next page)
Delete form data
Demonstrates how to clear one or all form fields in a form by clicking on a button
Language selection
To enable a language selection option, the Language selection element widget should be used.
Local import and export
Save form data into a XML file and load the file into the form.
Set value before sending
Before sending a form, check the form and set values.
Generate serial numbers
Generate serial numbers using the database counter


Formatting of numbers (autonumeric configuration) (in Form store available)
Automatic formatting of a text field in a configured format and unit (autonumeric)
Formatting different input types
Demo for a time and custom formatting using the cleave.js library


Contraints for multi-select values
Demo how is it possible to change the visiblity of a element depending on several values of a selection
Examples for validation rules
Several examples of regular expressions for custom data types.
IBAN validation
Example for client side IBAN validator
Required Field dependent on a status
Demo how it is possible to set a field required dependet on a status
Custom conditions
Demo to create a own condition for inputs.

Word (Fill) examples

Word (Fill) - checkbox and radio buttons
Demonstrates examples for the function cb()
Word (Fill) - count, contains, replace
Demonstrates examples for the functions cnt(), con(), rep()
Word (Fill) - images and url
Demonstrates examples for the functions image(), b64img() und url()
Word (Fill) - merge field
Demonstrates example for a merge field, which can be used in the footer
Word (Fill) - remove functions
Demonstrates examples for the functions rmp(), rmr(), rmt(), rmtp()
Word (Fill) - repeating elements
Examples for the use of repeating elements in a Word document.
Word (Fill) - selections
Demonstrates examples for the functions lsttxt(), lsttitle(), lst()
Word (Fill) - image from a upload field
Convert a upload to an image


Temporary storage of form data
Save the state of a form so that it can be finished later.

Other demos