Xima® Formcycle offers you a variety of options to publish your forms.

Click on the form alias to change it. The alias is part of the link to the form.

You can open the publish dialog (see figure) by clicking on the button in the form menu or in the Xima® Formcycle Designer. Various ways to publish the form are presented here. You can share forms directly via links or QR codes or embed them in your website or other platforms. Choose an option by clicking on it. You will receive a link or code snippet, accompanied with some instruction on how to use it.

For some types of publishing options, you can also customize the form alias (see figure). The form alias is used for generating links and must be unique.

Changing the form alias may invalidate links that are already in use. After changing the form alias, it is recommended to check already created links to this form and adjust them if necessary.

Furthermore, you can customize the generated code snippets and links to your needs using form parameters. Click on the customize button to configure the options.

In order to invite a group of people to the form at once the feature personalized invitation can be utilized.

Parameters for AJAX integration

When integrating a form via the AJAX method, various details of the integration can be configured via parameters. The available parameters are the following, where in general via true and false is configured whether the corresponding option should be active or not:

Parameter nameValid parameter valuesDescription
xfc-rp-inlinetrue/falseResolve used resources and integrate them directly inline inside the form
xfc-rp-form-onlytrue/falseDeliver form without HTML, BODY etc.
xfc-rp-keepalivetrue/falseEnable keepalive mechanism for automatic session extension
xfc-rp-usecsstrue/falseUse FORMCYCLE CSS
xfc-rp-usejqtrue/falseEmbed jQuery
xfc-rp-useuitrue/falseEmbed jQueryUI
xfc-pp-externaltrue/falseExternal form request
xfc-pp-success-urlvalid URLURL to a web page to be navigated to after the form has been successfully lowered
xfc-pp-error-urlvalid URLURL to a web page to switch to if an error occurs when submitting the form