Create text file

Configuration interface for actions of the type Create text file.

Actions of type Create text file allow you to create text files on the file system that may be used by other actions. They can also be seen in the inbox, when you attach them to the form record. The content of the text cannot be created dynamically, but you can use variables.


Content of the text file

Content type
Specifies the content type that the file to be created should contain. According to the selected value, placeholders are masked when the file is created.
Text content
Enter the content of the text file. You may use variables to insert data from form fields.

Storage options for the created files

Output file name
Name of the output file.
Attach file to form record
If this option is selected, files created in this action will be attached to the form record. Otherwise, they are only available for other actions within the workflow processing in the same processing chain.
Encoding (character set)
Encoding of the generated file. 
Byte order mark (BOM)
Certain character encodings require a byte sequence at the beginning of the file to be created, that specifies the byte order and encoding form. For some character encodings this is necessary for the data to be read correctly. The default value Automatic sets byte order markers automatically for character encodings where it is mandatory.

Action variables

Actions of type Create text file provide action variables which can be used in subsequent actions.

Standard action variables

Whether the action could be processed successfully. Evaluates to a boolean, ie. true or false.
Return all results provided by the action as JSON.
In case of error the thrown error code of the action. Empty if no error has occurred.
In case of error the thrown error message of the action. Empty if no error has occurred.

Action specific action variables

Size of the created text file in bytes.
Error code returned when the text file could not be written to the file system.