Workflow with an event, an action and an endpoint. Nodes to add an action are highlighted in red.

Actions perform functions, such as sending email or populating a PDF, and are executed after an event is triggered. By Drag & Drop an action or clicking on the node, an action can be added to an event and thus to a processing chain.

Each action consists of at least:

The name of the action
The description is optional.

There are two different action types.

Deploying actions

A providing action creates or provides files that are further processed by the processing actions.

Deploying actions are:

Processing Actions

These actions process files from various sources. Most actions allow files from the following sources

  • Form files
  • Client files
  • Files from previous actions
  • File from upload elements
  • Form record attachments
  • External resources (URL)

Note that not all protocols are supported for URLs due to security considerations. The following protocols are allowed:

  • http
  • https
  • ftp
  • sftp
  • scp
  • smb
  • nfs
  • data
  • git

Processing actions are:

Plugin actions

New actions can be added by plugin. These actions can be providing or processing actions. These actions are documented on the pages of the respective plugin which provides them.