HTML response page

User interface for actions of type HTML response page.

Actions of type HTML response page allow to display a completion page to the user after submitting a form.

By default, the final page of the System-Templates Submit Successfully is displayed when a form is successfully submitted.

To display a project-specific completion page, you can use this action. If no corresponding closing page exists yet, first create a new HTML-Template. Then select the desired HTML template. After submitting the form, the content of the selected completion page will now be displayed.


Template (HTML)
Selection of the HTML completion page. All HTML completion pages available in the administration HTML-Templates will be displayed.

Action variables

Actions of type HTML response page provide Action variables which can be used in subsequent actions.

Standard action variables

[%$<action name>.SUCCESS%]
Return whether action was successfully executed. Returns Boolean (true/false).
[%$<action name>.RESULT%]
Return all results provided by the action in structured form.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_CODE%]
The error code thrown in case of an error in the action. Empty if no error occurred.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_MESSAGE%]
The thrown error message in the action's error case. Empty if no error occurred.

Action specific action variables

The HTTP status code with which the template was delivered.
The UUID of the HTML template that was returned.
Error message returned if no template could be determined to display the results page. This can happen if it has been deleted in the meantime.