The interface for setting the options of actions of type Save to file system.

This action allows to store files in the file system of the server for a longer period of time. Files created by actions are otherwise only temporarily available and will be deleted once the workflow is finished.


Details about saving to the file system

Selection of files which should be saved. Files from previous actions, files from upload items, task attachments or form files can be selected. See actions for a list of supported URL protocols.
Destination directory
Specification of a path to save the file. If a directory is specified that does not exist, the action will try to create this directory. Please make sure that the appropriate permissions are available for the target directory. Check with the system administrator if necessary.
Examples for saving files in the system user directory:
Windows: C:\Users\fc\form\demo
Linux: /home/fc/form/demo
Allow folder structure in variables
If this option is enabled, variables may contain path segments of the form '<folder name>/<folder name>'.
Otherwise the path separator ('/') is removed from the placeholder. Navigational references to parent file folders are not allowed and will be removed.

Action variables

Actions of type Save to file system provide Action variables which can be used in subsequent actions.

Standard action variables

[%$<action name>.SUCCESS%]
Return whether action was successfully executed. Returns Boolean (true/false).
[%$<action name>.RESULT%]
Return all results provided by the action in structured form.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_CODE%]
The error code thrown in case of an error in the action. Empty if no error occurred.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_MESSAGE%]
The thrown error message in the action's error case. Empty if no error occurred.

Action specific action variables

Absoulute path to the directory where the files were saved.
Error code returned if the export directory could not be created or the files could not be written to the file system.
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