Save to WebDAV server

This feature requires an appropriate license.

7.1.0+  This feature is available from Xima┬« Formcycle version 7.1

Configuration interface for actions of type Save with WebDAV.

This action allows files to be retrieved from various sources and stored on a WebDAV-enabled service. If multiple files are selected, they will be sent one after the other and an error will abort the entire action.


Selection of files to be saved. Files from previous actions, files from upload items, process attachments or form files can be selected. See Actions for a list of supported URL protocols.
WebDAV connection
Selection of a connection to save the file.
Extending the WebDAV connection just selected. If no entry is made, the root directory is assumed as the storage location. If a directory is entered that does not exist, the action tries to create this directory. Click on the button "Show existing files and directories" to display and select the target folder. Please make sure that the appropriate permissions are available for the target directory. If necessary, contact the system administrator for more information.
Allow folder structure in placeholders
If this option is activated, placeholders can contain path segments of the form '<folder name>/<folder name>'. Otherwise, the path separator ('/') is removed from the placeholder. Navigational references to parent file folders are not allowed and will be removed.

Here the sub-folder y has been selected and z has been appended, which will be newly created.

Action placeholder

Actions of type Save with WebDAV provide Action Placeholder which can be used in subsequent actions.

Default placeholder

[%$<action name>.SUCCESS%]
Returns whether action was successfully executed. Returns Boolean (true/false).
Return all results provided by the action in a structured form.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_CODE%]
The error code thrown in the event of an error in the action. Empty if no error occurred.
[%$<action name>.ERROR_MESSAGE%]
The error message thrown in the event of an error in the action. Empty if no error occurred.

Action-specific placeholders

Absolute URL to the directory where the files were saved, e.g. http://localhost:8088/webdav/path/to/dir/
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