Word (Fill)

Configuration UI of Word (Fill) actions. The resource file is a Word document. The output file is a PDF document.

  When a PDF document is generated: To display symbols such as bullet points properly, you may have to install a matching font on the server. (Windows: Symbol Font, Debian: fonts-opensymbol). Also make sure you do not have any fallback fonts installed that provide no or bad glyphs for these symbol (e.g. ttf-unitfont for Debian).

Actions of type Word (Fill) allows the user to fill an existing Word document with the data of a submitted form and create a new Word or PDF document from it.

For this to work, the Word document needs to be prepared beforehand, see the help pages on how to prepare a Word document.

Details for Word fill

The type of file to be used. Available options are form files, client files, or external resources allowing you to retrieve data from a URL.
Ressource URL
The URL with the external resource to load
Output file name
The file name of the Word document to be generated. Please note that the file name extension pdf (output as PDF document) or docx (output as Word document) determines the type of file, i.e. it must end in .pdf or .doc or .docx. It is also possible to create other formats such as HTML, XML, etc. Basically everything can be used as a Word document can be saved.

Storage options for the created files

Attach file to form record
If this option is selected, files created in this action will be attached to the form record. Otherwise, they are only available for other actions within the workflow processing in the same state.