Serial version plugin

Plugin download (requires login)

This workflow plugin allows for the creation of serial numbers per form. Created Serialnumber will be persisted in a database table. After the installation the globale plugin settings need to set correctly. This plugin is subject to additional charge.

Using the plugin

Configuration UI of the workflow plugin

In order to use the plugin a new workflow action of type Create serial number needs to be created. With every execution of this action the value of the serial number counter will be updated. If there is not yet a serial number for this form than it will be created.

Plugin parameters (Optional)

Is used for defining a fixed number of digits for the serial number. If the created serial number does not have enough digits the missing digits will be filled with zeros.
A string preceeding the serial number
A string following the serial number

Using the return paramter

The created serial number can be accessed in further workflow processing via [%$<name of the plugin action>.RESULT%].

Globale plugin settings

After installing the plugin the database table for saving the serial numbers needs to be created. For this the following parameters are needed:
Name of the database connection for which the table should be created.
This parameter can have the value CREATE or DELETE. Saving the plugin configuration leads to either the creation or deletion of the serial number database table.

Structure of the database table

The database table will be created with the name plugin_project_counter and has the following columns:

System ID of the form that has a serial version counter
value of the serial number counter