WebDAV connections

This feature requires an appropriate license.

7.1.0+  This feature is available starting with Xima┬« Formcycle version 7.1.

The WebDAV connections menu lets you configure connections globally and reuse them later. For example, users can later select a WebDAV connection in the workflow action Save to WebDAV server without having to be aware of the connection details.

Creating a WebDAV connection in Xima® Formcycle. (1) On the left is a list of existing WebDAV connections. (2) On the right, users can configure the selected WebDAV connection.

Create WebDAV connection

  • Open the "WebDAV connections" module and click on the "new" button in the list header.
  • Assign any alias and an optional description.
  • The following data is required for the WebDAV connection itself:
WebDAV Server URL
This consists of protocol, server, port and path.
Read timeout
Timeout in seconds for establishing a connection to the WebDAV server.
Connection timeout
Timeout in seconds for reading data from the WebDAV server (maximum time allowed between two data packets).
User name
User name for the WebDAV server.
Password for the WebDAV server.

WebDAV server URL

Currently, HTTP (unencrypted) and HTTPS (encrypted) are available. If the WebDAV server supports it, the use of HTTPS is recommended.
The address of your WebDAV provider. A path can already be attached here so that later only access to this directory and subdirectories is possible.
By default, port 80 is used for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. If different, this must be specified here.
Specify a subfolder to be used here.

After the WebDAV connection has been created, it appears in the left-hand panel (list) of the connections.

The server usually has the following structure:


However, some providers allow WebDAV access only in certain substructures. In addition, the HTTP PUT method must be supported. If you are unsure, please contact your provider.

The characters reserved in URLs must be percent encoded, otherwise they will be replaced by an "_" (underscore).

Test WebDAV connection

You can aslo check whether the entered connection data is valid. Click on the "Test Connection" button to check whether a connection to the WebDAV server  can be established. If successful, all existing folders and files are displayed at the bottom.

All available folders and files are shown when connection test was successful . Here a distinction is made between folders, which can be expanded, and files with different icons.