Changing the data directory

By default, all data and internal configuration files are saved to the default Tomcat directory or a temporary system directory. When you need to change the directory, for example to a different partition or hard drive, the following settings need to be modified.

Creating or finding the configuration file

You can change the settings in one of following three configuration files:

  • TOMCAT_DIRECTORY/webapps/FORMCYCLE_CONTEXT_NAME/WEB-INF/web.xml, eg. /home/tomcat/apache-tomcat-8.5.11/webapps/formcycle-tc8/WEB-INF/web.xml. The relevant settings are already in this file and commented out. This configuration file is local to the Xima® Formcycle installation and is not modified when updating Tomcat.
  • TOMCAT_DIRECTORY/conf/Catalina/localhost/formcycle.xml Falls diese Datei noch nicht existiert, muss diese neu angelegt werden.
  • TOMCAT_DIRECTORY/conf/context.xml

In case you have already applied the modifications as described at Using Xima® Formcycle with the root domain, modify the file  ROOT.xml instead.

Editing the configuration file

Add two Parameter entries to the context containing the path to the data and configuration directory to be used by Xima® Formcycle.

The configuration file might look like this:

   <Parameter name="XFC_CONFIG_DIR" value="/home/fc/config" override="true"/>
   <Parameter name="XFC_DATA_DIR" value="/home/fc/data" override="true"/>
    Directory containing the Xima® Formcycle's configuration files, such as the application settings , the logging settings or the LDAP settings
    Directory containing temporary files such as uploaded files or files created by actions during workflow processing.