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Templates can be introduced into different modules. So, for example email templates for response pages or language files of the Xima® Formcycle Designer can be created.

The category of a template decides in which action or in which module the template is available later. At the moment there are seven categories: 

  • Design (CSS)
    CSS templates are supported by Xima® Formcycle Designer and present possibilities to define global CSS rules, which can be used by all forms.

  • XSL-Transformation
    XSL transformation templates serve the transformation of a XML export file and can be used e.g. in the action type export (XML file) and for the inbox export.

  • HTML
    HTML templates are used by the action type conclusion page and can be used e.g. for the display of a form acknowledgement. Additionally it is possible to display the files of the process and to download them. (See also use of placeholders)

  • Text
    Text templates are global texts and are used e.g. in the Xima® Formcycle Designer.

  • i18n variables
    Language templates are generated automatically during the creation of a new client. It is possible to modify existing templates and to add additional languages.

  • Email
    Mail templates can be used by the action type email.

  • Link
    Link templates are made use of the action type forwarding and can be used e.g. for forwarding to other pages after the from acknowledgement.


Files created here can be used globally from all forms within the status processing, such as from the action types PDF (Fill) or Word (Fill). See also section files.