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Jan 23 2023


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  • Support for sending emails via via the Microsoft Graph API. This lets you use Microsoft Office 365 accounts for the email server configuration. See system email server and client settings
  • Added a new URL parameter jsonPath to data query URLs (CSV, XML, JSON, database, and LDAP data sources). These URLs all return a JSON object with the requested data. When a jsonPath is given, only the data at that JSON path is returned. This makes it easier to filter for the data which you want to retrieve.
  • The form designer lets you configure whether a form element is available or not, depending on the form record's state the user's user group. When it is not available, the value of that element is not shown in the data table in the inbox. A new role permission was added that lets you configure this behavior. When a user was granted that permission, they can see the values of all form elements, regardless of whether they are available.


  • Improved support for direct authentication methods for forms (e.g. via header parameters):
    • When the user open a form, an attempt to authenticate the user is made once for each configured direct authentication method.
    • In case neither direct authentication was successful, and if at least one indirect authentication method (e.g. system login) was configured, the login prompt is shown to the user.
    • In case neither direct authentication was successful, and no indirect authentication methods were configured, the HTML template Login failed is shown to the user.
  • Replace the existing XSLT engine with a newer engine. The new engine now also supports XSLT 3.0, XPath 3.1 and XQuery 3.1. Because the XSL parser of this engine works a bit stricter than the old engine, small incompatibilities with wrong XSLT may be possible. An overview of known errors can be found under XSL transformation
  • Rework the mail server configuration and mail server placeholders:
    • As the system administrator, you can allow each client to, or prevent them from making use of the system mail server. 
    • As the system administrator, you can allow each client to, or prevent them from configuring a custom client mail server.
    • The default values form the system mail server for the sender address and the sender name can now also be changed by each client.
    • The placeholders [%$CLIENT_MAIL_SENDER%] and [%$CLIENT_MAIL_SENDERNAME%] are now deprecated. You should use the placeholders [%$DEFAULT_MAIL_SENDER%] and [%$DEFAULT_MAIL_SENDERNAME%] instead. The deprecate placeholders are still replaced, but should not be used anymore.
    • When neither a client nor a system mail server was configured, or the system mail server cannot be used, workflow actions that require a mail server are not available anymore.


Frontend forms

  • Fixed an error with disabled fields when an existing form record is opened again.
  • Fixed an error when multiple JavaScript files are concatenated if a form is opened with inline mode enabled (URL parameter xfc-rp-inline=true).
  • Forms which require a direct authentication (e.g. via a header parameter) are now displayed correctly again.
  • The appropriate error template is now shown again when a form requires authentication via Kerberos and that authentication failed.
  • Fixed an error with visible-if conditions when the element is also repeated.
  • Fixed an error with the login process when the form was embedded in an external page via AJAX and a login service with popups was used.

Form designer

  • Allow the data-force-validation attribute in the form preview within the designer.
  • Better error handling for invalid autonumeric attributes when opening a form.


  • Fix an incompatibility with the workflow action "Process log as PDF" where the action from existing forms was sometimes not recognized.
  • Fix a rendering error when printing a web form. A printed form sometimes contained tall empty sections when invisible containers were used.
  • Fix a bug in the Word fill action. When a PDF was using hidden Word controls, the base64img function did sometimes not insert the image correctly.


  • Fix localization for the event status of when using the iCAL URL for an appointment configuration.
  • Remove the limit on the number of characters in form specific inbox views.
  • When you change the subject template form record, all form records are update. This update no longer fails when the subject of single form record could not be update. All other form records will still get updated now, and an error message is displayed at the end.
  • Values from question elements are now shown properly in the inbox; and are also included in Excel and XML exports.