Jun 20 2023

Download 7.4.4



  • Select elements that are added to the form via drag & drop always use the default select options again ("Option 1", "Option 2", "Option 3"). Due to an error in version 7.4.3, the options from a previously created select element were used occasionally.
  • Fixed an error where the workflow designer could not be opened anymore when the selected authenticators of a state were previously saved in an incorrect manner by the application.
  • Pages cannot be moved below the footer area anymore in the form designer. Additionally, you can fix forms with pages under the footer area by dragging the page with the mouse and dropping it onto the footer area. This will put the the page above the footer again.


  • Fixed an error in the PDF fill action when a specific font is selected. For fonts with an old font format, the PDF fill action sometimes failed with an error.
  • Identity provider plugin with a custom user interface work correctly now, even when installed as a client plugin.


  • Updated several dependencies to prevent potential vulnerabilities.