Oct 27 2022

Download 7.2.1


  • Two new action for converting between files, base64 strings, and data URIs. This can be helpful e.g. when you want to embed images into a document as a data URI.
  • You can now set the HTTP headers Content-Security-Policy and Content-Security-Policy-Report-Only via System, General. It is possible to set different headers for the frontend and the backend.


  • You can now directly change the name, tags, description and group of a form when you import a form into Xima® Formcycle.
  • Reduce verbosity of protocol entries for soft errors when a file could not be resolved in the workflow.
  • It is possible to send automatic emails when the system is updated. When an update is started, but the system is already up-to-date, a different email with an appropriate text is now sent. 
  • The PDF importer now lets you change the text of checkboxes and radio buttons before you import the form element into the form.



  • Buttons that are disabled do not get enabled anymore after the form was submitted
  • Improved keep alive mechanism for form session. 
  • The generated script for embedding forms via the API now also works in the header of a web page.

Form designer

  • Auto completion for the CSS classes in the form designer now works again for all available classes.
  • Fixed minor error with the presentation of the form within the form designer (relative URLs from @font-face rules are again resolved against the proper base URL)
  • Changes in the rich text editors are now applied faster.
  • When the builtin resource 031-extended-min.css is overloaded, this overload is now also respected within the form designer, so that the form looks the same in the designer.


  • When you use the action PDF fill to fill PDF documents that conform to the PDF/UA standard, the resulting PDF document also conforms to the PDF/UA standard.


  • Exporting selected form records as Excel or XML document is now possible again.
  • Fixed a performance issue with many form records in the inbox.
  • Booked appointments in the calendar view of the inbox are shown with colors again.


  • Update Dutch translations.
  • Small UI fixes in the backend and the designer.
  • Update the dependency commons-text to 1.10, due to the potential vulnerability CVE-2022-42889.
  • Improved security for the form designer and the backend in general.

For plugin developers

  • Authenticator plugins (IPluginAuthenticatorType) can now supply a custom UI for the external users configuration in the backend.
  • When a IPluginCallbackLogic plugin is used, the default allback logic is not executed anymore, only the callback logic of the plugin.