Apr 17 2023

Download 7.4.2

Fixes (web forms)

  • Empty formula conditions do not result in a script error anymore. Empty conditions are treated as "true".
  • Improved performance for formula conditions.
  • Form elements hidden via conditions are not shown anymore when the media type is set to "print".
  • When a form element is initially hidden and has the option "clear if hidden" enabled, existing values are now cleared again.
  • When a form element is disabled by a condition, validation error messages are removed if any were present.
  • Improved error message when a file was uploaded that exceeds the upload limit which was configured via System -> General.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when FORMCYCLE was running on a Windows server and a file with a colon in the file name was uploaded.

Fixes (backend)

  • The workflow section in the generated form overview PDF is displayed correctly again.
  • More resilient reconnection attempts when the connection to a frontend server was lost.
  • Fixed an error in the inbox when the subject of a form record contained special control characters such as U+0002.