Nov 08 2023



Web forms

  • If a minimum value was configured in an input field by another data type and then changed to the regular expression data type, the minimum value is no longer checked, but now the stored regular expression.

Workflow Designer

  • With the Word Fill action, uploaded images from dynamic upload elements are displayed correctly again.
  • When saving the workflow, the user who last edited the form is updated in addition to the modification date.
  • For workflow actions of the type database query and LDAP query with parameters in the form of a question mark, the specified values for the parameters are now transferred to the query in the order entered. With more than 9 parameters, the 10th parameter was transferred between the 1st and 2nd parameter due to incorrect sorting.
  • A problem with the workflow action of the type PDF fill has been fixed, where some Unicode characters such as umlauts or other characters could not be inserted into the PDF. This is now possible again if the font used supports this.
  • The Word fill functions rmr(), rmtp(), rmp() and rmt() now also delete if no argument has been specified and the value to be checked is empty.
    After updating a form, the configuration of a Word Fill action is now correctly applied again.


  • An error in the creation of project-specific mailbox views has been fixed.


  • With the "Azure AD" authenticator, all user groups are now read from the AD. Previously, the query of user groups was unintentionally limited to 20.
  • When sending many forms with appointment selector at the same time, it could happen that several appointments with the same date were booked. * This has been adjusted so that double bookings are no longer possible.
  • Forms with tags can once again be updated correctly with a form export that uses the same tags.


  • Updating dependencies to prevent vulnerabilities