Dec 13 2021

Download 7.0.7

After installing this version it is necessary to perform a database update in FORMCYCLE.


  • XFC_METADATA.urls now includes request & requestBase:
    • request: URL for a request to the current form with fragment and query parameter.
    • requestBase: URL for a request to the current form without fragment and query parameter.
  • Dates are specified with the Export as XML action with GMT time zone.
  • Enhancement of plugin API for form resources.
  • In Designer, a warning message appears if the web socket connection could not be established.
  • Processing forms with plugin actions results in an error if the corresponding plugin has been uninstalled.
  • Forms with invalid workflow are switched directly to maintenance mode after import / after update.

Bug fixes

  • The logging library has been updated to the latest version to close a security hole.
  • Unify the replacement of the variable [%lang%].
  • The JavaScript function getLabel() returns exactly one label even for selection elements (in checkbox/radio button form).
  • The error() and errorFunc() JavaScript functions can also be used to set errors for selection elements (in question form).
  • System messages can be created, edited and deleted again.
  • The responsive behavior of images has been improved.
  • The state of form records with new workflow is taken into account during Excel/XML export.
  • Commas no longer cause incorrect table structure when exporting forms to Excel.
  • Formatting of text elements is applied correctly in the form.
  • Automatic height adjustment of Textarea elements works even if the element is initially hidden.
  • HTML response pages can be used with additional language variations.
  • The HTML attribute aria-label is set correctly for fieldset and container elements.
  • Performance of forms has been improved.
  • Errors in evaluating the permission to create / edit forms have been fixed.
  • Data sources and counters can be requested in the form via the corresponding URL also with frid as parameter.
  • Fixed minor interface errors.