Jul 19 2022

Download 7.0.16


  • It is possible to use text templates within the form for the privacy policy or the imprint. In some cases invalid HTML was generated which could not be displayed by some browsers and also prevent certain plugins from working, such as the language switch plugin.
  • When the privacy policy or the imprint was shown as a link that opens a dialog, when the user clicked on the link the occasionally got reloaded.
  • Some form element conditions such as "hidden if" let you clear the form field when it is hidden. When combined with repeated form elements, this resulted in the internal form field "*_dyn_size" getting cleared as well. When the form element was set to not be editable after the first submission, this could lead to data loss.  
  • Forms contains a form element with a "editable if" or "disabled if" condition could not be submitted anymore. This is now possible again.
  • When reopening forms with a repeated appointment picker, all selected appointments are displayed correctly now.