Nov 01 2021

Download 7.0.6

After installing this version it is necessary to perform a database update in FORMCYCLE.

If not yet upgraded to FROMCYCLE version 7, please refer to the information of release version 7.0.0.


  • Preconfigured forms from various application areas can be easily installed and used via a form store.
  • Forms can be tagged with filterable keywords.
  • With the new permission Switch to any state, form records can be moved to any state, regardless of the access configuration to the state.
  • In the settings of the workflow action Compress ZIP, a format can now be specified which determines the folder structure within the ZIP file.


  • Form records in states of the new workflow are not accessible via the Processlink (variable: [%$FORM_PROCESS_LINK%]) by default. To make form records accessible to external access, this must be explicitly configured in the state settings.
  • Forms with incorrect but disabled actions can be saved without switching the form to maintenance mode.


  • Performance issues with form validation have been fixed.
  • Validation errors in the form are positioned correctly.
  • Form record data is locked during complete processing. The processing lock can be removed in the inbox if needed.
  • The provided HTML templates in the workflow action HTML response page are sorted alphabetically.
  • The Inbox restriction when calling forms via the ProcessLink (variable: [%$FORM_PROCESS_LINK%]) takes effect correctly again for forms with old workflow.
  • When updating a form with new workflow, errors no longer occur.
  • The configured file name in the element settings of upload elements is also taken into account in the attachment overview of the inbox.
  • Fix minor interface and translation errors.