Oct 14 2021

Download 7.0.4

If not yet upgraded to FROMCYCLE version 7, please refer to the information of release version 7.0.0.

New system variables

Returns the mail sender address of the client.
Returns the mail sender name of the client.

Both variables are used by default for the Email from and Sender name parameters, respectively, in new Email actions.

New application properties

SMTP Socket connection timeout value in milliseconds.
SMTP Socket I/O timeout value in milliseconds.


  • The use of multiple filters in form-specific inbox views works correctly again.
  • The inbox editor role has all the subrights of the inbox super right by default.
  • When creating a form with new workflow from a form with old workflow, the states and their references inside the form are inherited.
  • Client-side performance of forms has been improved.
  • Fixed some bugs in client-side validation & updating of forms.
  • The JavaScript functions setRequired(...), setGroupReq(...), setMinValue(...) & setMaxValue(...) work correctly again and are applied to all selected form elements.
  • The selection list of mandatory selection elements does not collapse again directly when the element is clicked.
  • Form titles are no longer truncated on import.
  • Form printing via the Print service no longer prints a gray line at the beginning of pages.
  • When printing forms via the print service, the Mandatory fields hint is only printed if it is also enabled and the print service action does not suppress this.
  • The Layout (CSS) of the form is also applied in the form preview.
  • Text elements are displayed in the preview or live mode of the form exactly as they are in the form designer.
  • The empty if hidden option of form elements works correctly again.
  • Form elements with checkboxes that still have the checked option enabled can still disable this option. This option of checkboxes was removed in version 7.0.0.
  • The action placeholder [%$<action name>.RESULT%] returns a JSON value, such as a map.
  • Improved warning messages when importing forms with missing dependencies.
  • Fixed a bug in the plugin interface ISearchTermHandler#triggerSearchTermNotExists.
  • Deleting form versions no longer causes an error.
  • Unnecessary error logs in the designer have been removed.
  • Help links of endpoints in the workflow designer point to the correct help pages.
  • Fixed minor UI errors.

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